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Electric Trucks - 3 Wheel

Manufacturer: TCM

In every respect, the all-new TCM dash 7 series three wheel electric trucks are 21st century state-of-the art equipment! This clean-sheet design uses advanced technology to deliver more power, better efficiency, higher productivity, outstanding safety, and easier maintenance than previous TCM three wheel trucks. The dash 7 series was awarded the prestigious 2005 Japanese Good Design Award which recognizes outstanding design in industrial and consumer products.

AC Motors
• Inverter controlled motors deliver high torque at low speeds for smooth starting and creeping.
• AC motors reduce maintenance to a minimum because they have no brushes to wear out.
• All motors include fans for cool operation.
• Special anti-vibration polymer mounts deliver smooth operation.
• Battery voltages may be 36 volts or 48 volts.

• The 100% solid state AC inverter type controller maximizes reliability.
• MOS-FET control saves power in the drive circuit and improves accelerator response time.
• Four controller settings can be adjusted: the super/power/economy setting, speed control, tilting speed, and the attachment speed.

Drive Monitoring
• Low voltage produces a warning.
• A high controller temperature or a high drive motor temperature automatically limits travel passing current as required.
• A main device short circuit stops the truck.
• The direction switch neutral safety prevents unintended travel when the key is first turned on.
• A dead man seat switch prevents unintended operation if the operator leaves the seat.
• The power steering contactor operates only when the directional neutral switch and seat switch safety parameters are met.

• The drive motor temporarily becomes a generator to replenish battery when the travel direction is reversed while moving, and when the accelerator is released before applying the brakes.

Smooth, Responsive Controls
• Spinner steering is anti-kickback and features infinite tilt adjustment.
• Optional automatic steering wheel position correction increases productivity.
• The self-canceling turn signal control is combined with the light switch.
• Travel direction is selected with an electric directional shift lever featuring forward, reverse and neutral.
• 4 standard configuration direct acting hydraulic control valves and 4 push button operated solenoid control valves may be fitted.
• Optional finger tip controls make nonstop load handling easy.
• A push button release, lever-operated parking brake locks the front drive wheels.
• The economy/power/super changeover switch lets the operator choose between economy and full power as the application demands.

Operator Comfort and Safety
• Fully adjustable suspension seat with restraint system.
• Automotive type dash positioned for unobstructed operator view.
• Full instrumentation with LCD gauges and self-diagnostics.
• The speed safety switch limits the maximum top end speed for safety.

Easy and Cost Effective Maintenance
• The wet disk brakes are maintenance free and guaranteed for life.
• Up to 59 separate self diagnostic troubleshooting codes are displayed on the instrument panel. Nearly all checks can be made on location without using separate meters.
• The full access battery cover opens with a pressurized gas spring.
• The controller is a solid state MOS-FET inverter-type for trouble-free operation.
• An optional auto power off shuts off the battery if the truck remains idle for 15 minutes with the key on.
• Over Discharge Prevention protects the battery from damage caused by over discharging.
• The counter weight drawbar is a convenient tie down or tow point.
• Genuine TCM replacement parts are available from our dealer network, supported by an extensive inventory located in NJ.

For more details, please contact Material Flow, 1-855-753-1400 or 1-406-530-4805. If you need a large quantity of this product, call us at 1-800-338-1382 for additional bulk discounts!

2 Products Available
Model No. Width Length Height Tire Type Power Type Capacity Weight Price Ea. Qty
In stock FTB16-7 42.3 in 111.2 in 78.5 in Cushion Tires Battery 3200 lbs 6420 lbs Call
FTB18-7 42.3 in 115.6 in 78.5 in Cushion Tires Battery 3500 lbs 6680 lbs Call

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