Trans-Positioner - Manual and Electric

Manufacturer: Interthor Inc

High flexibility and efficiency using only one truck, cargo can be transported, lifted and handled in many different ways. All control buttons are on handle.

Puts focus where it needs to be, on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user - Model TP can be adjusted to the individual user, and the ergonomic correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold.

Optimum utilization of the space - TP's are of compact construction and are very maneuverable. High quality is ensured through an extended test program and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.

4 Models Available for
Trans-Positioner - Manual and Electric

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Model No. Description Capacity Fork O.D. Fork Length Raised Height Weight Price Ea. Qty
ELF-1201-36 Electric 3000 lbs 22" 45" 36" 503 lbs $4578.28
ELF-1201-47 Electric 3000 lbs 22" 45" 47" 531 lbs $4952.94
ELF-1201-55 Electric 3000 lbs 22" 45" 55" 503 lbs $5062.31
ELF-1201-63 Electric 3000 lbs 22" 45" 63" 572 lbs $5177.75

1 Option Available for
Trans-Positioner - Manual and Electric

Option: Trans-Positioner Accessories

Trans-Positioner Accessories
Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
HHELD-WIRED Hand Held Remote - Wired $250.00
HHELD-WIRE Hand Held Remote - Wireless $600.00
AUTLEVSYS Automatic Leveling System $1200.00