Forklift-Karrier with Battery Power Tilt

Manufacturer: Morse

FOB: East Coast Warehouse

Model 285A-BP:
Model 285A-BP provides 12V battery-powered drum tilt with controls on a 10’ cord, so you can control drum pouring with pushbutton ease while in your truck. Fully invert your drum to completely empty the contents. Drum tilt may be started, stopped or reversed at any point in the 180 degree range. Model 285A-BP Forklift-Karrier has its own battery. No power connection or truck modification is required. A separate charger is included.

Model 285XBP:
Use model 285XBP to lift and pour a drum weighing up to 2,500 lbs. with the convenience of battery powered tilt control. This model has an extra heavy-duty 3-piece drum holder with toggle clamp closure to secure the drum.

2 Models Available for
Forklift-Karrier with Battery Power Tilt

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Model No. Description Drum Handling Capacity Capacity (Half Full) Weight Price Ea. Qty
285A-BP Battery powered tilt 55-gallon steel drums 1500 lbs. 800 lbs. 355 lbs. $2899.00
285XBP Battery powered tilt -- 2500 lbs. -- 532 lbs. $4299.00

1 Option Available for
Forklift-Karrier with Battery Power Tilt

Option: Wireless Control - Factory Installed

Safe, simple and reliable answer for wireless machine control.

Approximately 300 foot operating range featuring 900MHz frequency hopping technology for eliminating interference from other RF sources. Easily switch between direct wire pendant control and wireless remote control. Quick DC power disconnect for locking out the equipment.

Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
4804i-P Wireless Control factory installed $619.00
4804-P Kit to field install Wireless Control $749.00